L2OFF - аренда Retail-серверов
Lineage 2 Retail and sell servers lease
Gracia Final, High Five (CT2.6), GD1.0 (GOD: Awakening), GD2.0 (Tauti), GD2.1 (Glory Days), Classic (v 1.0), Classic (v 1.5), Classic (v 2.0), Classic 2.5, 2.7 and last update, ALLODS ONLINE, ArcheAge (2019), Tera Online TN

Renting a server

Retail platform for your project

Be careful! There are few fraud web sites which impersonate L2OFF using domains like .com, .su, .ru etc. Our only domains is l2off.info and l2off.biz. Few clients have already become victims of this fraud!

L2OFF.biz provides retail Lineage II servers for rent, which were made by NCSoft and installed on all retail servers in Korea, NA, Russia etc. We offer rent only, i.e. we do not sell servers neither as a whole nor in parts. Renting server will allow you to use servers' output without having direct access to it.

At the moment we can provide following updataes: High Five (CT2.6), GD1.0 (GOD:Awakening), GD2.0 (GOD:Tauti), GD2.1 (GOD:Glory Days). Server soft we use has RELEASE makring, not PTS, - we offer fully functional live versions, tested and approved by NCSoft to use as live game worlds. The same software uses NCSoft, Innova, NCWest and other retailers. Each update is final release, i.e. contains all hotfixes released by NCSoft and refined by our own fixes.

All versions are fully localized, both server- and client-side. You can use several languages for ingame-dialogs simoultaneously.

Each server is extended with standard set of add-ons made by us, which are usual and convinient for players. With each server at no additional cost we provide:

  • Auto-loot
  • Offline trade
  • Chat filter
  • On-ground item deletion
  • Packet encryption
  • Fixes of a few retail bugs
  • Account ban with ingame command
  • Shop in Community Board
  • Buffer in Community Board with personal buff-setups
  • Class change in Community Board
  • Nick color change, genger change, Nobless status gain, Subclass opening in Community Board
  • Secondary authorization
  • Path to Awakening: bonuses for gaining levels.

  • You can buy any of the products. High Five 4-5;
    Gracia Final; GD Tauti; Classic (v 1.0 - 2.0); Tera Online

    For more information, please contact Skype.

Retail platform

No java-server could achieve full implementation of retail features. We offer original server, tested by thousands of players. It is stable and complete.

Server setup

All the work necessary to implement your custom settings is done by us. You should only provide technical description of what do you want to have on your server.


After your server has started we constantly support you to implement any changes, do maintenance, setup events etc. - all you need to keep your server running.

Full lease conditions

We provide servers for rent: you use server's output without having direct access to it, i.e. we manage game server and you tell us what to do. We set all the settings you need as you want them to be (rates etc.), we launch live server and you use it. We also set the necessary connection to game DBs for your web-site or other services and provide web-admin for you to control game world as you see fit. We do not interfere in game world, shops, concept etc. Server location can be agreed on during our contact. We may lease server machine for you, but you will need to pay for it, if you have your own suggestions about server placement, we can use your server machine. All server-machine costs are on you, these payments are not part of our cut for rent. Any changes in game world are done by us are based on your instructions (we provide necessary templates etc.). You and you only define how your game world will be set, we only provide software for it. We do not manage the game or community, it is your job. We also are on constant call for any emergencies you may have and will provide necessary support.


Step-by-step plan

  • Tech specifications

    You create document where you describe everything concerning future server including rates, buffers and special events etc. We setup a server based on this document, after that for our new clients we ask for prepayment, which will be compensated after we launch the server (see Payment section)

  • Technical prep

    We need some time to bring up and set up server machine (which could be ours or yours). After that we implement all the features specified in your technical specs document. Depending on complexity it may take from a few days up to several weeks. When everything is ready we let you ingame to see the result.

  • Preparing for Launch

    When everything checked and tested we can launch Beta-test or launch server right away depending on your choice. We will give an access to proprietary Admin system for you to control game world.

  • Support and updates

    Server launch is a mere beginning of our work, we always stay in touch for any changes that have to be made. We will consult you, provide all necessary info and tools to do everything you need.

Our clients

Biggest projects using our platform


GoD Retail Serves complex


One of the oldest EU complexes


Popular Retail complex


Java- and PTS- server portal


Server project for Boss Hunters


Legendary java- and retail-servers complex

These and many other projects were our clients for over 3 years we are on the market. Our experience, professionalism, quality software is a fundation of your success. Our team will help you join legendary projects with the best platform available to date.


Full payment terms

All payment terms are listed below, we accept Bitcoin. All additional costs of transfers are on client, including the fees for server machine rent. We do not provide in-box DDoS protection, you will need to set it up yourself (VPN-tunnelling, proxification etc), we can only provide advice on the matter.

Terms of payments:

  • We ask from 30% to 50% of income your server generates on our files based on project size.
  • We require minimally necessary access to all your billing systems to see the money flow.
  • Before start you will need to provide the following parameters of your future project: advertisement budget, web-address and your previous projects. This information will be decisive in our decision whether we will work with you.
  • Before start we require pre-payment of 750$ to guarantee your intentions. This payment will be substracted from your first payment for rent.
  • Rent payments should be made each 2 weeks during first month and once a month the rest of the time. Minimal rent payment is 500$, i.e. if our cut will go below 500$ you will need to pay the minimum of 500$.


Our only contact is following skype name